Trinity Lutheran Church

123 E. Blackwell Street

Dover, NJ 07801


From Points West:  I-80 E, Take EXIT 35 toward Dover, Merge onto Mt Hope Ave, Mt Hope Ave becomes N Bergen St, Turn Left onto E. Blackwell St.  123 E. Blackwell St is on the left.

From Points East:  I-80 W, Take EXIT 35A toward Dover, Merge onto Mt Hope Ave, Mt Hope Ave becomes N Bergen St, Turn Left onto E. Blackwell St.  123 E. Blackwell St is on the left.


Time for Work Clothes


Beloved of God,

The church year has several seasons, but they take on only two characters. We spend about half the year involved in holiday preparation and celebration, and half the year getting on with living lives of discipleship.  The times after Epiphany and after Pentecost are when we focus on the work of this church.

We will celebrate Pentecost on June 4, and with it, the coming of the Holy Spirit.  It also marks the end of the Easter season. From then on, all the way to November and the beginning of Advent, it’s time to get on with the tasks of discipleship.  In keeping with the spirit of the season, I invite you to participate in the many incredible ministries we at Trinity are engaged.  Volunteer for the senior ministry, visit one of our homebound members, get involved with the various jobs required to keep our rather substantial food pantry going, help out with all the preparations needed for a meaningful worship service, or design an instructive education program.

Many of us are drawn to this congregation because of our community outreach ministries. But they don’t happen by themselves.  Each one depends on your involvement.  On June 11, after our congregation meeting, we will be having a lunch to celebrate all we do together.  We will acknowledge the hard work put in by so many faithful servants of God that make these ministries the going concerns they are.

But wait! As they say on TV, there’s more.  As you know, we have recently received a bequest, which has been designated by the Council for a new ministry.  So now is time to dream, to discuss and discern.  How is God calling us in ways we are not involved in our community? Is your heart burning with the Holy Spirit to start a music school for local kids?  Start a much-needed drug treatment program? Provide local support for a family fleeing war-torn Syria?  Develop some affordable housing?  Let’s talk about it.

Is the bequest enough to start all of these?  No, but it is enough to get us well on the way for any one of them.  And that’s how vital ministries start:  By listening to God’s still small-whisper in our ears, and with the conviction to listen to that voice.

So start dreaming. Join us on June 4 to receive the Holy Spirit and feel the word of God burn in your heart. It’s time to get to work!

Yours in Christ,


Pastor Fred