Trinity Lutheran Church

123 E. Blackwell Street

Dover, NJ 07801


From Points West:  I-80 E, Take EXIT 35 toward Dover, Merge onto Mt Hope Ave, Mt Hope Ave becomes N Bergen St, Turn Left onto E. Blackwell St.  123 E. Blackwell St is on the left.

From Points East:  I-80 W, Take EXIT 35A toward Dover, Merge onto Mt Hope Ave, Mt Hope Ave becomes N Bergen St, Turn Left onto E. Blackwell St.  123 E. Blackwell St is on the left.


Beloved of God,


Having negotiated our way through the holidays, and into the new year, it is time to get to know each other. In the season of Epiphany, we focus on Jesus’ earthly life and ministry. What better way to do that than to talk about our church and dream for the future? 


I will be working my way around the congregation to meet with you all in small groups.  I know you had a series of cottage meetings during the transition.  These meetings are the other end of the same process. Meeting in small groups outside the confines of our building allows free flowing discussions of our ministry together and our hopes for the future. 


Keep an eye out for an invitation and join us.  I would love to get to know you all better.


Yours in Christ,


Pastor Fred








         hich to search for and find a pastor who will fit well with this congregation and its ministries; a pastor who will share the vision of TLC and help this congregation to expand that vision. That framework that we have created is unique to Trinity Church and Trinity Church has come to own it.  That same framework has resulted in the offering of information to those who might be interested in serving this congregation and in the process of vetting and interviewing candidates.  And I truly believe that the framework for transition that we have created has served to transform Trinity itself into something new and exciting.

         Now comes a moment when the congregation as a whole is called to make a decision.  At its essence, it is a moment of deep trust.  We must trust ourselves and the framework that we have put into place.  We must trust those who we have selected to represent us in the building of that framework and in the process that it has birthed.  We must trust the Synod and all the wisdom and assistance that we have received from the greater church.  We must trust the candidate.  And we must trust that God’s Holy Spirit has been present in every part of this process.

         Trust is not an easy thing, not a natural affinity to many.  Even the most “trustworthy” stumble at times; even the most “trusting” find that their trust vacillates.  Yet if we are honest with ourselves, we must admit that our lives are largely built around trust.  The Bible is filled with stories of trust and of a God who is “trustworthy and true”.

         So let us trust in the Spirit of the one who created the heavens and the earth, the one who shaped humankind from the dust of the earth and breathed into that lifeless form the breath of life.  From that trust, let us develop our trust in all that God has given us and in the Holy Spirit of God to guide our discernment.  Let us step with confidence into a future that we have worked toward, a future that is as filled with the love of God as Trinity’s past has forever been.  This congregation has mirrored the love of Christ in our decisions and in our actions, in our words and in our innermost thoughts and God's love has been present throughout.  God still breathes the breath of life into us and into this church, and God continues to assure us of new life even when earthly life fails.  Come and be a part of the new life of Trinity Lutheran Church as it unfolds before us!


                                                                                          Grace and peace,

                                                                                           Pastor Dan, interim